Happy Birthday Canada!

Toronto Gift Fair 2017 GrimmThe Toronto Gift Fair ended  a few weeks ago and we are still catching our breath. Half of the orders written came from brand new accounts. Having lots of new designs and new products kept our Grimm booth filled with customers.

Coir Doormats GrimmOne of the new products we introduced were coir doormats.  People fell in love with the quality and the designs,10 designs were introduced. Can we say HUGE SUCCESS!!! We’ll be adding many more designs for the next show in August of this year.

Canada 150 Grimm T ShirtsThe other notable item that kept the booth buzzing was a Canada 150 design to celebrate Canada’s big birthday this year.  We offered it on a red and ash t-shirt, a red apron, magnets and coaster sets. We’re thrilled on how well received the design was. You can CLICK HERE to grab your very own Canada 150 themed item!

The world is feeling a tad cookoo right now, which makes us even more proud and grateful to be Canadian, that feeling gets put into designs.

Happy Birthday Canada!


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One thought on “Happy Birthday Canada!

  1. Janet Smith

    Love your T shirts! Bought one for my spouse 10 years ago! It was “Assault with a Deadly Weapon”! He had received many comments on it!
    Now, I am in Canada again. So do have one that says “Two
    Tense”? Want like to get that one! Also, saw several others onyour website that I would live to purchase.
    Help, please! Leaving tomorrow, 6/18/2017, to go back to Everett WA, which is home. Staying in Coquitlam. Where are shops there to find your T shirts? Please text me 425-870-5872. Any greater S Vancouver area okay. Going out via truck route


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