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Doodle Dee Doodle Fun

Some people feel completely naked if they leave the house without their phones. I feel that way without a pen or pencil. I love mindlessly sketching and creating art without the intention of it being a great piece of Canadian Art, much less, being funny. It’s like when you’re finished exams and all you want to do is read some trashy book for pleasure. When I get to draw for no reason, or am meeting project deadlines for Grimm, sometimes there is a flash of an idea in all the scribbling that has a little hint of humour, and I think “hmm, I like it!”Cheese-the-dayThis is one of many sketches from this morning.

It is March 23rd and I’m eagerly waiting  for the month to leave like a lamb, given it came in like a lion. However, over the next two days, the forecast has us getting a Vegas style buffet of precipitation. Ice, snow, rain, kitchen knives and who knows what else, is coming our way.
In preparation, I will organize the appropriate weapons to fight this on-slot: broom, shovel, salt, sand, cork screw and whatever wine is handy.

I make it a habit, or more of a way of being to not complain, especially about the weather. I am kind of excited to see what comes our nastiness comes our way. There is always something beautiful every day, every season, everywhere. Not to mention, I LOVE bad weather but I am  looking forward to riding my bike to the warehouse every day .

In Canada, there are many brave souls that are four season bikers. I am not one but I did manage to ride on two freakishly warm December days and two this March, but otherwise I am a 3 season gal and dry day kind of rider.

In the last group of designs I did for the January wholesale shows, not surprisingly, there was a bicycle t-shirt design in there. It’s not my typical pun or humour, nor does it even look like most of my artwork, but I think it turned out really great. It’s now one of
my favorite t-shirts (and I own a lot of t-shirts). To check it out, click HERE. Pop over to

You can also pop over to to take a look at the other new ones.

Grimm T-Shirt Wheelmark